Interior Design: A Designers Development

Everybody knows it is important to learn, develop and educate. It doesn’t matter if you have been qualified for 20+ years… designers need to train over and over again. Skills need to be updated. Techniques need to be tweaked. The World is always changing. New things are being released daily. Furniture, software, colours, fabrics, technology… it is ever changing and incredibly important to keep on top of.

Design exhibitions, networking events, magazine subscriptions all help with this. You may have a qualification in design, but if you don’t train, learn and absorb the world around you, it is very easy to become outdated and behind the times.

We are always pushing our team to learn, inspire and train. One of our design team produced a layout for an office space that we felt was a little unimaginative. After some time spent with him, explaining new ways of thinking and the importance of the employee and clients journey etc.. He then produced a space that wowed us and the client! See below…



PLAN (2)

As you can see, the second option thinks more about the people in the space. It shows that the employer cares about the staff. It is creative and impressive for clients to be wowed!

No matter how long you have been doing something – KEEP LEARNING! Keep updating your knowledge!!



When it rains, look for rainbows