How to Use Color Well

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Today I am going to give you some easy ways to use color well when you decorate.

  1. Always choose one color to start your scheme. That color can come from an existing piece of artwork, a rug, existing upholstery fabric, or a silk flower arrangement. if you are decorating from plans or blue prints then it is often best to start planning color from the floor up.
  2. Decide what type of look and or color scheme. (Use your last lesson how to brain storm your style ideas and visit how to use the color wheel as tools for this selection).
  3. Then start “layering” your color using your selected color scheme, start with the largest areas, floor, walls and ceiling.
  4. Slowly bring in other large pieces, furniture, chairs, etc.
    Remembering to balance the room. Don’t group all the same color in one area, “sprinkle” it so that it is easy on…

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