Interior Design: Retail Inspiration

At GDI we really believe that consumers are paying less attention to advertising and more attention to store appearance. The statistics say that the exterior of a store generates 45% of an entire marketing image. This includes the building’s appearance, the signage, the landscaping, and the parking area. Consumers form impressions about the quality and selection of merchandise inside the store based on what they see the outside of the store. Some retailers are aware of this, and the outside appearance of their store is carefully thought out. Circuit City the electronics retailer, for example, put a two-story facade on a one story building, making a 26,000 sq ft. building look like 60,000 sq. ft. They found it very effective, and other retailers have followed suit. JCPenny recently decided to scrap all discount hoardings around their store. Personally we think this is really sensible, however it has failed to produce increased benefits and the CEO has been removed.

How can the front of your store have an ever changing window. We personally don’t like shop windows, they all blur into 1 after a while. None are truly different from the other. Why not think about creating a changing window….. through technology, or electric motors on the rack, have a think. Maybe go the other way and have nothing. If you are a big brand, the chance are that people go inside whether there is something there or not.

IS THERE SOMETHING HAPPENING IN THIS STORE THAT’S UNLIKE ANYWHERE ELSE? Seventy-three percent of the consumers we’ve surveyed believe that all stores within a particular category look alike. This is caused by the demise of good merchandising. By using computers to track stock and sales, retailers are merchandising their stores into sameness. Consumers want a unique shopping experience, and retailers need to under stand the importance of differentiation.

Think about your space, and what experience you want people to have!




When it rains, look for rainbows


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