Colours for your office: Tips

Does this space stress you out? Warm hues like red are office space colors that cause employees to become highly stressed and unable to release tension. Different hues give people different reactions and effects.


Now what office space colors are proven to work best in the work environment?

Moss Green is refreshing! This soothing color will have the office be productive all day long.


Light Orange shouts energy! With the right palette, this peppy and energetic color will have the same effect with coworkers in no time. Magenta is a color that sparks creativity! For office spaces in need of motivation, magenta allows concentration and more focus for those creative projects!


Beige or Off White is simple and calm. The two are easy to decorate a space with and works well for any office space.


Grey is not boring! This is a great color to enhance with other colors like brown, white and black easily. Plus, it’s a soothing and calm color that won’t trigger any strong emotion.


Pale Blue is a color that will have people staying productive for a long period of time.  Accent it with navy, cream colored or dark blue décor for your space!


Light Brown and cocoa are ‘earthy’ tones to keep members of your team ‘grounded’. This natural color will also keep coworkers feeling strong and resilient all day, every day!


Olive is a great color for your energy level. For those studious types, this earthy tone can be complemented with black, brown and light brown décor.


Colors that office spaces should avoid are more in the warm bases such as red, orange, and dark browns for walls.

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Pictures taken from: Google images


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