The importance of lighting in the office

Ever sat in your office with the glaring bright lights, staring at your computer screen. After a couple of hours your eyes start to hurt, you get a dull headache and become distracted from your long list of tasks.



One of the key areas of any interior design is lighting and this is also the case with office interior design. With office work being mostly computer based now, it is important that the computer screen is not affected by adverse lighting conditions, because this can impact heavily on staff productivity as well as comfort levels.

It is important to consider the various aspects of lighting in the office design whether it is natural or artificial.

Giving people control over their lighting helps them feel more satisfied with their workplace. It affects their performance, too, helping them stay engaged in tasks longer and to avoid fatigue. What a bright idea!!!

The best lighting will vary depending on the type of work being done, as well as other factors such as office layout and window size and location. Here are some general tips to consider when looking for appropriate lighting for an office:

  1. Adjustable desk lamps or wall fixtures give the employee the ability to control light intensity and direction, as do window shades and standing floor lamps.
  2. General overhead lighting should be kept low, dimmer than the individual task lighting units. Many offices may benefits from a dimmer system.
  3. Windows should allow daylight into the office, but should have shades to prevent glare if necessary.
  4. Fluorescents are particularly inappropriate for use near a computer screen. The glare, mirror, and shadowing effect are unhealthy and counterproductive to quality work production.
  5. Avoid placing a computer desk facing an unshielded window or directly beneath any light source.

The workload today can be extremely visually demanding. It is essential to consider the correct office lighting to keep the work  environment pleasant, and the workers productive and healthy.

Effective workplace lighting is instrumental to the running efficiency of any office environment and because lighting decisions can have an immediate effect on its environment, it is recommended to employ the services of an office interior design specialist, to get the lighting right. Many Interior Designers will often work with a lighting consultant to marry the office interior design scheme with appropriate lighting specifications to obtain not just a pleasant and harmonious lighting scheme that works and enhances the design but also to ensure correct codes are met and the lighting promotes efficiency and is not disruptive or even depressive.

For now whether you are a Designer, Builder or Client don’t underestimate the importance that lighting plays in the Office Interior Design. It can not only impact the working conditions and ambience of the working environment but can also have health and productivity implications as well as environmental.


Keep your office happy and healthy. Only then will you get the most out of your staff !



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