Questions to ask your Fit-Out company!

A commercial office fit-out is a once in a 5 year event for most companies, that might seem like a short time, unless you have to live with a problem for the next 5 years.

Below are our top 8 questions to we think you should ask fitout companies before you engage them to build your office interior:

  1. Can we see an example of a fitout you have done previously?
  2. Will the quotation be fully itemised? You will want to know how much per office desk and how much per metre of plaster wall for example.
  3. What is your policy on variations? Our policy is if you don’t ask for a change then you wont get a variation. Make sure they aren’t intending to leave things out just to win your work and then charge you at a later date.
  4. Design ability, can they quickly do accurate in house designs, or will this have to be outsourced at great cost?
  5. Will they assist you with authority approvals?
  6. Does your proposed office seating meet the correct standards, not every office chair is suitable for use in a commercial office space, you are responsible for your staff and their posture.
  7. Where does the furniture you are being offered come from?
The 8th point is really something you need to ask your self, and that is, what’s your gut feel about these guys? How confident are you in their ability to do the job? One of the major reasons to use a fitout company is for the service, the experience and the advice.
Thanks for stopping by. Leave your questions below!

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