Choosing your new office!

Selecting an office space can be a daunting task. Especially when you want it to allow for company growth and expansion over the next 2-5 years!

One thing I would always look at with serious consideration is the shape of the office.

Triangular shaped could be a potential problem. There are so many offices that are odd shaped. Commercial office space with acute corners (less than 90 degrees) can create some real issues with spatial planning. There is not a lot you can do with tight angled corners, so the area just gets wasted unless you really think about the fit out design. The building may look incredible outside, just consider the shape of the office inside!

Circular offices also offer a similar problem, but you can get around it with some clever planning. One particular iconic Harry Seidler designed Sydney building, Australia Square springs to mind. In this case the prestige of being in such a location probably outweighs any design issues.


Lets face it Squares and Rectangles will always work best, think of your own homes and the furniture in them… you don’t have a triangular desk and a hexagonal coffee table do you?

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