Interior Design: Reception

The reception is the first thing your visitors / clients see. Make sure you leave an unforgettable, professional impression.


Here are a few questions you should ask yourself regarding the design of your reception area:

*  How many staff are likely to be on the counter at any one time, both now and in the future?

* How many visitors will you have, and what type? If most of your visitors are business men, you will find they won’t want to sit together.

* Will the receptionist be accepting and sending out mail?  If so they will need desk space to do it.

* Will the receptionist need to be able to unlock the entry door without getting up?

* Does your receptionist need to have a space to do confidential filing, ie… lockable cabinets and a private space?

* Will your receptionist be required to offer refreshments?  Make sure this is taken into consideration in the design.

* Does your proposed reception area have a space for people to sign in and out and be issued with visitors badges?

* What design considerations do you need to give for disabled access, for example, are you frequented by people in wheel chairs?  If so having a low section on the desk and an area where a chair can pull in gives your visitor the dignity they deserve.

* What kinds of deliveries do you normally take in the reception area?   Does there need to be an area where couriers can drop items off and be signed for.

* What type of look are you after, it’s not just the counter, it’s the wall and floor finishes, it’s the lighting, it’s the visitor seating and also the art on the walls to name but a few.

Of course this is not a comprehensive list of considerations but we think it’s a pretty good start.

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