Challenging Designers

Al Jaber view 3

Trying to challenge our designers is about constantly asking questions. To make them think, what is really going on in this space. How can I make this space, the greatest space ever seen or designed.

We try to ensure our designers and project manager’s focus on the people who will encounter this area. Forget colour, texture and furniture for now, focus completely on the people in this space and what they need. Only then can you design the “perfect” space. What do I mean by this?

Only if a space or a product has no flaws can it be seen as perfect, beyond this though, only if the space or product provides the user with information they didn’t even know they needed.

One of the greatest thinkers we have worked with (C. Murray) described office space like this: “in your home, you give people a kitchen to cook, a dining room to eat, a lounge to relax and a bedroom to sleep. Why give your staff a desk and a chair, and expect them to work well doing all the tasks they need to do on a daily basis?”

The most inspiring thing to see in a design studio are ideas flowing, people trying to develop themselves and others and constantly pushing the boundaries. Within design, everyone should have involvement, as a designer you should take inspiration from everyone. Challenge everything, especially your client.

A final thought, people often believe they are thinking, but they are regurgitating. Be a thinker!

Don’t forget to leave your questions below!!



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