An Inspired Designer

Inspiration is being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative.

We as designers should be taking inspiration from everywhere and not just the flowing trends we see!

When given a new brief, our designers go on an inspirational journey and completely embrace the project. A few tips from our team are:

– Immerse yourself in the Worlds of the people who will use and encounter the space.

– Keep asking: “What is really going on here?” – like a detective

– Focus totally on what people will be doing in the spaces and places you are designing  (next year, in five years, in 20).

– Ask off-piste questions. What if this staff canteen were an indoor Astroturf picnic area? Why not turn this extra meeting room that is rarely used into two split phone booths for private calls and Skype conferences?

– Gather inquisitive and reflective people around you. The rapid bouncing back and forth of an idea can generate compelling concepts at amazing speed.

– Once there’s an idea, turn it upside down and take it seriously for a moment – even if it seems silly.

– We all have a sense of the sublime – use it to test your propositions as rigorously as logic and functionality.

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