Interior Design: Retail


When you’re choosing a retail interior designer, your first decision is how the design will impact your marketing goals.  Every design decision – from the style of the storefront to the location of the cash register – sends a message to your customer.

Retail interior designers should know how to sell the store itself by its layout, choice of lighting, finishes and furnishings.

The biggest area of design however should not be about creating a beautiful place, colour or finishes. It should be about the journey….. think ‘Willie Wonkers chocolate factory’. He truly understood that his clients needed to be taken on a magical journey where the brand became the legend.

You should look at the journey you want your clients to go on. Why do they come into your store? What age group are they? What personality type are they? What do you really want to sell them ? etc.

Take people on a journey, make them feel special and they are more likely to purchase the product you want.

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