Ideas for generating a perfect workplace


The GDI team were discussing office space recently and we thought we should share some of our thoughts with you. The important people!!

  • Why do clients design meeting rooms by size, and how they fit into the space?

We were struggling with this. The main answer: because it has always been done this way. At GDI we ask that you think about the type of meetings you have…… by this we mean, do you have clients that you have a relaxed relationship with, do you have meetings where business relationships hoped to be formed…. Are you also pitching for new business, and trying to put ‘on a show’. If so, please consider looking at your meeting space differently.

  • How do we decide how many meeting rooms you need?

Ask your receptionist (because meeting rooms are usually located at reception), to keep a log over a 2 week period (not school holidays). This should give you an idea of how many times the meeting rooms are being used, and more importantly, how many people are in those meetings.

  • Why do you build offices for people that are out of the office most of the time?

Status and confidentiality. Look at how you can incorporate other spaces to provide for a lack of office space, if this is the way you want to move.

  • 1 desk per person.

People feel like they are a valued member of the team. Think about this……. rather than having a dedicated workstation, give your staff loads of different work settings that can be utilised for different tasks during the day. The size of the office may actually stay the same, but your staff may be provided with a much greater place to work.

Questions?? Please post them below and we will get back to you !



Sketch provided by Brad Cantrell – GDI Designer


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